Grease Trap Spare & Replacement Parts

Aqua Mundus provide a one stop shop for all grease traps and biological dosing systems, we can supply all replacement parts for a wide range of grease traps past and present.

As the grease management systems we sell are built to last, we frequently supply spare parts for systems over 10 years old which are still in perfect working operation.

To request a price and availability please use our contact page or simply phone 01386 832205. If you can supply the make, model number and serial number that should be enough information for us to correctly identify your system and price any relevant parts required.


Grease Guzzler S65

Mini Guzzler S10

GreasePak MSGD

Grease Digester Fluid 5L, 10L & 20L

Drain Dosing Systems (various systems, please contact us for more information)

Spare Parts

Automatic Grease Removal Units

Big Dipper

Grease Guardian

Grease Shield



Conventional Grease Traps

Stainless Steel

Mild Steel

HDPE (above and below ground)


Dosing Systems

Grease Guzzler / Mini Guzzler



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